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Get To Know Drupal.

In the early days of our web development history we had to make some critical choices.

We wanted to offer web development services to a wide range of clients yet we wanted to become experts with the tools we adopted. It was early years in the evolution of content management systems, but even then, the choices seemed obvious to us.

As a result of researching hundreds of proprietary and open-source web development solutions, we ended up choosing two that seemed to bridge the broad range of client projects and offer a solution regardless of the budget or features being requested.

After months of assessment, experiment and testing, we decided that WordPress and Drupal would be our tools of choice.

Years later that decision has proved to be the right choice for our company and the many clients that count on us for rock-solid, efficient and effective web solutions.

Drupal Vs WordPress:

Don’t get us wrong. We love WordPress development and it’s certainly the best choice for entry-level marketing and blogging websites that need to deliver value and benefit. There are of course lots of clients and organizations that require more robust solutions beyond the capabilities of WordPress. That’s where Drupal takes over.

What is Drupal?

Among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs, Drupal is the most popular platform for web content management. In terms of features, operation, layout, and design, Drupal’s high level of customization provides loads of choice to developers and designers for addressing clients’ unique requirements. “Can Drupal be used to build this?” The answer nearly always is “yes”. Drupal offers power and limitless potential not available in many other development platforms .

What does Drupal mean?

Drupal derives its name from the Dutch language but it was founded in Belgium. “Druppel” in Dutch, means “drop,” as in, water droplet. You can see the water droplet in the Drupal logo.

Here Are The Top Reasons We Love Drupal.

Drupal Is Search Engine Friendly.

SEO plays a vital role in any organization’s online marketing strategies and Drupal enables companies to present inherently SEO-friendly websites. Drupal displays content in a way that search engines like.

Drupal is responsive.

Drupal is mobile-ready and taking advantage of Increasing number of smart devices opens the doors for new marketing and awareness opportunities. Let’s face it. Mobile is on the rise and Drupal positions you to engage and captivate mobile visitors like never before.

Drupal is flexible and highly scalable.

Drupal’s scalability means it can manage the largest, most high-traffic sites in the world. Sites that experience daily high traffic, like Weather.com, and sites that see periodic spikes in traffic, like Grammy.com and the publications of Time, Inc. (like SI.com) all use Drupal to ensure scalability as traffic and content grows.

Drupal is open source.

Drupal, core software, contributed modules, and a large number of themes are free, which help businesspersons reduce web development cost significantly.

Drupal is enterprise class.

In terms of scalability, flexibility, reliability, manageability, security, interoperability, and availability of resources; Drupal is an enterprise-class CMS. Developers can readily integrate it with other applications like SAP, phpBB, etc.

Drupal Is rock solid.

Drupal has a longstanding history of reliability. Drupal is one of the top three most popular content management systems in the world for a reason. It has been stable for many versions and Drupal 8 is going to be released soon. In our experience, Drupal has been one tough and robust operating system and we have come to trust it in situations where others fail.

Drupal Is secure.

Drupal has been meticulously tested up to strict security rules by Drupal experts and contributors. Its built-in security is extremely strong and many big sites with extreme security concerns are using Drupal as a result. Do you think the White House would trust just any CMS?

Drupal is head and shoulders superior to other CMS solutions.

In our experience, Drupal provides the best tools to develop feature-rich, high-quality website that fulfill the diverse needs of our clients.


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