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Just because you can write…

does not mean you can write copy for the web.


Two reasons.

Amazing copywriting isn’t about the brilliance of the writer; it’s about crafting a conversation with the reader that nudges them along the road to buy-in. When the copywriting is effective, you don’t know that you’re being guided. What you do know is that you’re enjoying the ride.

Secondly, good copywriting is as much for Google as it is for readers. Optimizing copy to get the attention of search engines is really important. After all, you probably got to this page after doing a web search.

See. It works.

We write creative, compelling, optimized website copy that engages prospects and generates benefit. Whether you’re pursuing brand building, awareness generation or cold-hard sales revenue, great copywriting can be the difference between a ringing phone and… crickets.

While successful copywriting is as much of an art as it is a science, our word salad secret sauce includes a sprinkle of conversion optimization and a dash of behavioural analysis. Add some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to taste and the result is website copy that no one can resist.

Words have the powerful ability to influence consumer perception, generate conversion and drive traffic. Let Digital Duck Inc. make a batch for you.

Whether you need copywriting for a squeeze page or an entire website, we can help.

Copywriting services from Digital Duck Inc.

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