English to French Video Production

English to French Video Production 2017-03-21T19:17:08+00:00

We convert your English videos to French

Québec is the largest province in Canada and the second most populous. In spite of the huge market opportunity offered by “La Belle Province,” the language and cultural barriers can be challenging for marketers and especially difficult for advertisers that want to leverage existing English video content.

Digital Duck Inc. can help! We can take your existing English language videos and adapt them for the Québec market. We can revise videos to include French voice over, French sub titles or both.

Translating English to French is a nuanced skill

Translating English videos to French requires a translator with two unique skill sets, an intimate understanding of Québec culture and the ability to learn about your business. We bring both skills together to deliver a French language script that reflects and compliments your existing English voiceover.

It’s a common outcome that an English To French translation results in a voice over recording that can be as much as 1/3 longer than the English counterpart.  This presents editing challenges when trying to match the timing of the English video. We offer creative solutions in both copywriting and editing to deliver a French version of your video that is accurate and respected.