Live Event Production

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Live Event Production

Take your next special event to a higher level with live event production services from Digital Duck Inc!

Producing a live event can be stressful. Let us take the technical challenges off your plate and help you to deliver an event that dazzles and captivates your guests. From conferences, seminars and AGMs to banquets, fundraisers and lavish galas, Digital Duck Inc. can provide audio/visual services that transform your event from average to outstanding.

Audio & Visual Services

Your guests have two basic needs. They need to hear the presentation clearly regardless of their location in the room and they need to see the presentation from any vantage point. A typical Digital Duck Inc. live event solution solves both challenges.

Audio Services

Your event is an investment in time and money and you’ve promised your audience that it’s worth attending. Perhaps you’ve even paid speakers fees to offer your audience a unique and inspired message. Surely you want your presenters to be heard and understood?

Audio is the single most important element of a good presentation. Previous experience with bad sound is the complaint we hear most often from the clients that contact us for live event production. Nothing creates more strain and frustration for the audience than feedback, excessive volume, inconsistent levels or low talking presenters that can’t be heard.

The venue you’ve rented may even include a sound system but often in-house systems are lacking. They generally comprise of ceiling speakers and are usually left unsupervised for the entire event.

We’ll help to provide a more enjoyable and productive experience for your audience members by bringing forward facing speakers on stands that project clear, crisp and intelligible sound. In many cases, we can combine the venue’s ceiling speaker sound system with our own for the perfect mix of ambient and directed sound.

If you hire an AV technician from Digital Duck Inc., we’ll control all of the audio from a central mixer and we’ll supervise the volume. What does that mean for you? It means that the levels will be adjusted for each presenter. Whether the person at the podium is a confident and powerful presenter or a timid quiet speaker, we’ll keep the volume uniform. We’ll avoid the annoying squeal of incessant feedback and we’ll make sure that the people at the back of the room can hear every word.

In addition to careful supervision of audio levels, we’ll also be on hand to supply and organize microphones to your presenters. Wireless mics can be problematic so having a trained Audio Visual Technician on hand is essentially for troubleshooting and distributing any number of wireless mic systems. From wireless handheld microphones to headsets to the popular lavalier tie clip mics, we can provide wired or wireless mic systems that combine for the best overall sound.

Visual Services

A successful event is often measured by the size of your audience. Of course the more people you have in attendance, the more people will be distanced from the podium and struggle to see the presentation.

Digital Duck Inc. can help. Let us add video support to your event so there’s never a bad seat in the house!

A typical setup would be a big screen on either side of the stage riser. Add a camera and camera operator to the event and now everyone in the room can see the presenter and presentations larger than life. A Digital Duck Inc. AV Technician will supervise and cue your PowerPoint or video presentations and we’ll combine live shots and pre-produced digital content to entertain, motivate or educate. Every person in the room will see and hear the presenter and everyone will feel included and engaged.

Other AV Services

Digital Duck Inc. provides complete turn-key solutions for any production or live event including:

  • Audio, Video, Lighting, & Staging for live events
  • Audio & Video Post-Production Services
  • Live Recording / Location Sound Services
  • Audio mixers
  • Microphones
  • Wireless systems
  • Audio-for-video

Contact Digital Duck Inc. today and find out how we can help take your next live event from ordinary to extraordinary!

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