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Product video is everywhere and there’s a reason.

Nothing is more powerful and more effective when it comes to showcasing your product and engaging potential customers.

Before the Internet and YouTube, distributing a product video was limited and costly. Today it’s simple… and free! Upload your video to YouTube and share the link with the world. YouTube does the “heavy lifting” of hosting your video and delivering multiple resolutions to your audience. In addition to hosting your video for free, YouTube provides a sharing and embedding code so you can easily place the video on your website or share a link to the video in your email.

Only a few years ago, the same process consisted of duplicating VHS tapes of your product video and then paying hundreds of dollars in postage to send them to your prospective clients. Now you can share your video with the entire world at no cost to you!

Product videos sell.

Of course you still need a compelling video that quickly conveys the benefits of your product and tells the story of your product and company. Digital Duck Inc. has a long history of creating videos that sell! In fact, we got our start creating marketing videos for ourselves. Even in the days of costly VHS distribution, we discovered that an effective marketing video could have a substantial and immediate impact on sales. We learned that a skillfully crafted video could make the phone ring and generate sales leads.

Fast forward to today. Video is by far the most influential medium for reaching new clients and promoting a product. Video can help introduce your product to viewers quickly in the places they spend time. Give your product an online voice. Populate your website and social media with engaging video that delivers tangible results.

A product video increases conversion rates by offering a creative and engaging story that shows the viewer how your product functions in the real world. A product video engages the visual senses of the viewer, leaving them feeling that they have experienced the product as opposed to having it described to them.

Video is the best “content”

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about “content.” As consultants helping clients to build awareness and website traffic, we routinely use the phrase, CONTENT IS KING. There are many types of content but the statistics are clear, the most effective form of content is video.

Your sales force needs tools. Of course they need printed marketing assets, but providing your sales people with a diverse arsenal of marketing materials including video gives them reach and advantage that print alone cannot achieve. NOTHING has more impact than video and incorporating a product video into your marketing mix is critical to success in this new online world.

Let Digital Duck Inc. help you to create a product video that gets attention. From creative concept and script to animation and editing, we can guide you through the process of crafting a marketing video that sells.

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