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The science behind training videos

A large portion of our brain real estate is dedicated to processing visual information.  There is strong science behind the use of images, pictures and diagrams to convey information.  Called the Picture Superiority Effect, the theory suggests that three days later after consuming learning material that includes visual content, we remember 65% of the information compared to 10% for just printed material alone alone.

Based on the Picture Superiority Effect you might think that a PowerPoint Presentation alone could offer an effective training program. While PowerPoint is an essential training tool, it can’t take advantage of the storytelling power of video.

Storytelling makes learning relatable

Scientists have a name for the language processing center of your brain. It’s called the Broca’s area or Wernicke’s area and it decodes words into meaning. It’s the only part of your brain being used when watching a PowerPoint presentation of endless slides.

Things change dramatically when we are being told a story. Many other critical brain functions fire up to help interpret the dynamic stimulation of video. That translates into greater retention. If the goal of training is to achieve the highest retention rate for employees, clients or customers, shouldn’t your training included the storytelling power of video?

Video can simplify a complicated story

Only video has the power to explain and breakdown complicated procedures and processes. Video allows you to offer a unique perspective that still photography cannot deliver. A video camera can move around in 3D space allowing the viewer to see something from any angle or scale. A wide establishing shot can show a massive piece of complicated equipment and then immediately zoom in to show detail and activity. A video can demonstrate a detailed hands on walkthrough of a process and the viewer can see all the subtle nuances along the way. Today it’s easy to find a YouTube video to help you fix just about anything. Whether you’re repairing your washing machine, maintaining your car or changing the hard-drive on your computer, you’ll find an online video that quickly guides you through an activity that would otherwise be a challenge.

Video training works

By combining visual and auditory stimulation, video stacks two different vehicles for new information to be processed into long-term memory. Whether you want to show employees how to use a complicated software system, demonstrate to customers how to maintain a product you’ve sold them or convey the details of a company initiative, using video is the best way to ensure that viewers understand and retain information.

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