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Trade-Show Videos

Video is a powerful trade-show tool!

Trade shows can be effective for reaching a targeted audience but they’re expensive and require a dedicated booth. There’s no better way to captivate a trade-show audience and compliment your booth design than with large video screens featuring your trade-show video!

The success of a trade show is measured by the number of people that stop to pickup marketing material or engage with a sales representative. An eye popping trade show loop has the power to grab roaming trade show delegates and draw them to your booth.

Large flat screen monitors have never been more available or less expensive. Whether you rent them from the trade show or bring them with you, nothing  is as impressive as a dynamic video presentation that promotes your products and services. A trade show video can attract a potential clients to your booth. An effective video loop can serve as a conversation starter or engage show delegates waiting to speak with a busy sales rep.

Trade-show videos are different

Trade-show videos differ from a conventional video because they are often designed to be effective without narration. Conventional marketing videos are loud and you might not want the audio from your video competing with your sales reps on the floor. Generally trade show videos feature animations and graphics designed to work as a standalone presentation.

Another application for a trade-show video is to solicit entries in draws, encourage participation in a survey or promote a contest or giveaway. An effective trade-show program often loops a number of video clips in rotation.   

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