Video Production For Non-Profits & Causes

Nothing Connects Like Video

People take action to support a cause when they feel an emotional connection. Nothing is more effective at building that connection than video.

Never before have the tools of visual storytelling been so accessible and yet many nonprofits and not for profits struggle to tell their own stories.


Charities, Non-Profit and not for profit organizations face common hurdles. They’re comprised of dedicated and hardworking people, but almost always they’re challenged by a lack of resources, time or budget.

Raise awareness, funds, the roof or eyebrows.

Digital Duck Inc. specializes in working with non-profit organizations to find the most effective and efficient return on your investment. We understand your challenges and limitations and we’ll work with you to identify strategies and ideas that work for you. Our experienced team has the knowledge and talent to help you create video content that delivers meaningful results for your organization.

Perhaps your team requires consultation and training to produce their own video content or maybe your budget and plans call for full production services? We can offer tangible benefits at both ends of the spectrum. Whether you achieve your goal with a staff held, video-capable smartphone or a Digital Duck Inc. operated broadcast quality camera, the objective remains the same — to create powerful and genuine stories that convey passion, humility and emotion.

From passionate productions with voiceover, titling and animations to simple bite-sized one take cell phone videos, we’re here to help you get the most for your investment and guide you through the process of visual storytelling.

Every nonprofit or not for profit needs to be a media organization.

The funding pie is sliced thin these days. You’re competing against larger, better funded organizations for the hearts and minds of an overlapping audience. Transforming your nonprofit to a savvy media organization levels the playing field by allowing you to leverage the powerful and free platforms of social media.

Let us tell your stories.

Contact Digital Duck Inc. today and let’s explore the countless creative opportunities made possible by video and social media. We’ll work collaboratively with you to create inspirational, human-centric videos that leave a mark.

Video Production For Non-Profits, Not For Profits & Causes, Done Right!