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Web development

Web development is not a widely used term. More often than not, companies and organizations seeking a new or updated website search the term, “web designer.”

While design is certainly a component of your new website, it’s only one area of expertise required to deliver an effective online presence.

Here’s the rub.

Designers and developers use different sides of their brains. Great designers are often weak developers and outstanding developers are rarely creative enough to make impactful designs.

And what about copy writing? The words on your website are critical to both visitors and search engines.

Those are just three examples of specific skills needed to deliver a website that lives up to the great promise of the internet.

To make an outstanding website you need experts in coding, design, copywriting, social media, photography, videography, marketing and more.

That’s why it takes a team to deliver a website that is attractive, functional, populated with content and integrated in social media.

We do all of the work in-house. We don’t farm out our development work to India or the Ukraine. We don’t rely on outside suppliers. We control our product from beginning to end under one roof.

We get calls everyday from companies and organizations that have had a bad experience with their web site or developer. From web companies that don’t answer their phones and return emails to hijacked domain names and accounts, the list of frustrations and horror stories is endless.

We answer the phone. We respond to emails. Not only do we make awesome websites, we’re here everyday to help you. Whether you need minor changes to the website or a complete content creation campaign, we offer timely solutions to assist you in building your brand, growing your business and promoting your message, products or services.